I am a Digital Marketing Specialist with a passion for PPC & SEO. I work with businesses and individuals to help them tell stories, grow their presence and generate more customers online.

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Certified Marketing Geek

  • Google Adwords Certified (All)
  • Google Analytics Certified
  • Bing Ads Accredited Professional
  • Hubspot Inbound Marketing Certified
  • Hubspot Content Marketing Certified
  • Google Youtube Guru
  • Google Mobile Guru

PPC Perfectionist

When you or your client is paying to play it makes sense to strive for nothing less than perfection! No matter how good your paid advertising is, things could always be better. Crafting the perfect ad, meticulous structuring and getting all your settings just right is a constant and ongoing process of testing, analysis, and optimization. Perfection isn’t settling for good, it’s continuously working to beat your best.

Search Engine Enthusiast

You need to create the perfect concoction of on-site technical setup, offsite link building, local mapping optimization, public relations and a couple other special ingredients like quality content that your customers will actually care about. You need to provide humans a quality experience – and make everything robot friendly too!

Critical About Conversions

When your organic is booming and your ads are getting more clicks than ever but nothing happens when they get there what do you do? You improve your user experience, clarify your messaging and deliver your value loud and clear. Analyze your data, make informed changes, experiment and A/B test for results. Make every click matter.

Serious About Social

Is your business getting social with your customers? The internet is a virtual door into your business these days – you need to optimize this experience for your users, align it to your brand personality and communicate with your users everywhere they are talking online. Who’s business would you trust – one responding to every direct message, post, comment and review (good and bad) on all their social channels or with an empty Facebook page?

Nerdy About Design

It’s one thing to make a visually appealing landing page, it’s another thing to make a converting landing page. There’s more brainpower that goes into creating the perfect page than you would think. You need to fuse together design best practices, colour theory, typography, conversion science, user experience optimization and powerful storytelling.

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