Have you ever tried to visit a business page to retrieve information or book an appointment and you find yourself swiping right, left, up, down, and everywhere just to read one page? How much more convenient would it be to just find another business that has a website fully optimized for quick and easy mobile browsing or appointment booking.

Having a business website that is responsive to mobile phones, tablets, and screen sizes will certainly make a customer’s browsing experience a lot simpler but it’s not all about comfort.

There are many reasons your website needs to be optimized for multi-screen browsing. Here’s just 5 of them:

Over half of internet traffic is mobile

If your goal is attracting traffic to your website, you need to start thinking mobile.  Everyone is on mobile, over 80% of internet users are browsing on their mobile phones or tablets.  As a business owner, you need to get on board with what the majority of prospective consumers are doing or risk falling behind to competitors.

Mobile users behave differently

Mobile users tend to consume more visual media like short videos and photos. Getting the attention of this type of traffic requires a well-optimized design.

Google favors multi-screen responsiveness

Google will rank your website higher if it works on all screens. And customers will be able to find you faster if your website works on their device.

Differentiate your brand

However, if you’re website is not yet optimized, you’re feeling like you need to catch up with the growing needs of technology.  The truth is that about half of small businesses still haven’t made the change to multiscreen optimization.  Introducing a responsive design is a way for you to get an edge on your competition.

Grow your social media presence

Social media shares also tend to be higher from mobile browsing. Meaning people are more likely to share pages from your website across social platforms while browsing from their phone.

The goal should be to have one website that works on hundreds of different screens, browsers and mobile devices.

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