Mobile is becoming ever more vital to Canadian businesses in 2015 and beyond. There are more and more Canadians doing research, solving problems and seeking local services – and they’re turning to their mobile device to do it – to help them on their buyer’s journey. Whether visitors to your site are in a state of awareness, consideration or decision,  there is a way your business can be there in every state – driving visits, leads, and conversions.  How?  You need to understand your user’s journey and how to target them at each stage and at each micro-moment.

The key to understanding your mobile potential is all about understanding your customer’s micro- moments!  Once you’ve mastered that, it’s about optimizing your mobile user experience to keep them on your site where they can appreciate all your content.

So, what are your customers’ mobile micro-moments? What is a micro-moment? A micro-moment is a mobile moment that requires only a glance to identify and delivers quick information that you can either consume or act on immediately. A micro-moment can be anything – someone looking for a how-to video on how to get the latest trendy hairstyle, someone looking to repair their coffee maker or someone looking for a restaurant to eat at on the go. The key to understanding how to provide the right content to bring people to your mobile site is all in the micro-moments.

content on mobile phoneHow do I use micro-moments to target my customer along their buyer’s journey? First, you need to understand their problem. Let’s pretend we are running a local hair salon and take a look at how we can leverage micro-moments to get new visitors through the buyer’s journey.

What is the decision process a person goes through when deciding to visit a hair salon? Are they searching for a way to get the latest hairstyle everyone has been talking about at that award show? They are in the awareness stage and here’s your chance to provide content that helps solve their problem in that micro-moment that can introduce your brand subtly! Create a how-to video and give them exactly what they’re looking for. Get them onto your site to watch the video and now you have a strong presence in their awareness stage. Next time your customer searches for a hair tutorial they come straight to your website.

Now their hair products aren’t up to the job – they’re looking at all the different hair products they can acquire to get that perfect look. They are now in the consideration stage. This is your opportunity to serve them live recorded product demos or expert guides showing all the amazing products your stylists use and sell at your salon and how they can use them at home for different looks. Great!

You’ve hooked in your visitors with great content and now brought them back to take a look at your products – now what? Now you bring in some decision stage tactics! Now your customer has defined solutions and strategies to solve their hair problems allowing you to drive home the value of your specific brand, really show off your products and services. Show the value of your salon’s branded hair products specifically and show off how much time and money they can save coming to your salon. Hook them with great calls-to-action and capture their information so you can take those lead conversions and turn them into sales.

fully optimized mobile websiteLeveraging great content to align with your mobile users’ micro-moments and buyer’s journey is only one part of the puzzle. Optimizing your mobile user’s experience to keep your visitors on your site and get them to return to your site to solve their individual needs is next! Check out our upcoming blog on mobile website optimization.

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