Are you looking to stay tuned to all the latest studies, updates and SEM news to keep you on top of your game and ahead of your competition? You aren’t alone!

Sometimes it can be difficult to find a strong list of resources that are fresh, entertaining and informative and provide actionable takeaways that you can use to improve your business’ or client’s SEM performance.

Well, this simple listicle is for you!

Here is a list of some of 2016’s top SEM influencers and speakers (in no particular order) who have been recognized for providing great articles, studies and regular contributions at popular SEM conferences.

I hope that following these influencers will help encourage new ideas and inspire you for your next project. If you’re looking for an easy way to build yourself a feed of awesome PPC, SEM and CRO knowledge, why not follow them all on Twitter?

  1. Purna Virji @purnavirji
  2. Larry Kim @larrykim
  3. Daniel Gilbert @dangilbertppc
  4. Erin Sagin @erinsagin
  5. Brad Geddes @bgtheory
  6. Samantha Noble @SamJaneNoble
  7. Kirk Williams @PPCKirk
  8. Frederick Vallaeys @siliconvallaeys
  9. Aaron Levy @bigalittlea
  10. Christi Olson @ChristiJOlson
  11. Melissa Mackey @Mel66
  12. Amy Bishop @hoffman8
  13. Maddie Cary @MaddieMarketer
  14. Mark Irvine @MarkIrvine89
  15. James Svoboda @Realicity
  16. John Gagnon @jmgagnon
  17. John Lee @John_A_Lee
  18. Jeff Sauer @jeffsauer
  19. Martin Roettgerding @bloomarty
  20. Luca Senatore @LucaSenatore
  21. Marty Weintraub @martyweintraub
  22. Ginny Marvin @GinnyMarvin
  23. Susan Wenograd @SusanEDub
  24. Wijnand Meijer @wijnandmeijer
  25. Matt Umbro @Matt_Umbro
  26. Carrie Albright @Albright_C
  27. Jamie Smith @jamiesmithnow
  28. Steve Hammer @armondhammer
  29. Chris Haleua @chrishaleua
  30. Maria Corcoran @mariacorcoran
  31. Lauryan Feijen @LauryanF
  32. Julie Fridman Bacchini @neptunemoon
  33. Elizabeth Marsten @ebkendo
  34. Rebekah Schelfhout @rebekahtweet
  35. Jennifer Slegg @jenstar
  36. David Szetela @Szetela
  37. Mike Rhodes @thegoogleguy
  38. AJ Wilcox @wilcoxaj
  39. Sophie Newton @SophieNewtonBL
  40. Jon Diorio @jdiorio

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